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Join Shelby Cannatelli and Posey Daves for a chakra immersion! This workshop is centered around activating and aligning your 7 chakras (energy centers within your body).
Posey, the author of the ebook, Radiant Beings, Align Your Chakras, is passionate about holding space for individuals to activate and align their own chakras through movement and stillness. Posey is a strong believer each person is their own healer. Posey's intention is to hold space for you to step into your power and align to your Radiant Energy in a fun, empowering, & dynamic way!

During the workshop, Posey will start with a brief overview of what the chakras then guide you through a 60-minute VinYin practice that targets all 7 Chakras and finish with a 10-minute savasana and guided meditation to further center your energy.

yin, reiki + sound
with Posey and Shelby Cannatelli
june 13 7:30pm

Join Karen Burnett for a "Trip Around the Hips"

Unlock the power of strong, flexible hips! Get ready to wake up a connection to your hips, an important nexus of mobility in almost every human movement. This workshop begins with a hip mobilizing sequence on the floor then gradually flows through a wide variety of different postures and unique transitions that leave your hips feeling brand new. We isolate hip rotation, strengthen outer hip muscles to control and support standing poses, and focus specifically on the mobility we need for lunging and lunge transitions common in yoga and strength and conditioning practices. In addition to lots of feel good stretchy moments for your hips, this workshop takes us hip deep, or rather, deep into our hips in every single direction (or almost!)

Trip Around the Hips Workshop
June 29th
with karen burnett

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Chaturanga, or the Yoga push-up, is one posture that Vinyasa Yoga asks us to repeat many times throughout a practice.

We encounter many challenges in this shape as well as through the transitions in and out of it. Whether the challenge is strength-based, a mobility hinderance, the shoulders wrists, or feet, let’s take a look at how we can love more and not dread this movement.

Join Shelby for a 90-minute workshop to find more efficiency in your chaturanga.

love your chaturanga workshop
with Shelby hunzinger
july 13 1:30pm

Yin Yoga has become increasingly popular as a counterpractice to the yang practices like vinyasa, ashtanga, yoga sculpt, etc. The practice of yin yoga invites students to find stillness in our fast-paced world. This practice offers 3-5 minute holds within each posture to allow the body to release on a deeper level. 

Whether you are getting started or building on foundational knowledge, this 25-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training certification program provides a fulfilling immersion into this practice, its history, philosophy, and much more.

This training is offered at The Village Yoga. You will have access to the course material and additional materials for reference forever through the course portal. 

This training is ideal for: 
* New and seasoned yoga teachers who want to expand their skills
* Anyone interested in learning more about Yin Yoga 

20 hr Yin Training with Posey
July 19 - 21

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We will meet Wednesdays and Thursdays 7-9:30 pm, + Saturdays 12:30-6:30 pm for eight weeks.

Have you been thinking of a way to expand your knowledge in yoga? The time is now. Yoga teacher training is a great way to deepen your own yoga practice, give you the knowledge to develop a home practice as well as teach others with confidence. Shelby Hunzinger (Grant) ERYT 500 YACEP has been teaching across Palm Beach County since 2015 and has been leading teacher trainings for a number of years in the area. In 2018 she studied Ashtanga Yoga, Philosophy Sanskrit and Chanting under Sharath Jois and Lakshmish Bhat in Mysore, India and has a deep knowledge of Yoga Philosophy, History and Anatomy.

200 Hour yoga teacher training
shelby Hunzinger ERYT-500 YACEP

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This training will unite the foundations of a more traditional yoga practice rooted in Ashtanga with the freedom and creativity of a powerful more contemporary Vinyasa practice. We will also dive deep and do some inner work with a breathwork session, as well as other fun activities and workshops like paddleboard yoga. 

It is Shelby’s mission to have you leave the training feeling well prepared and confident to teach, and she takes the time to work closely with each individual to make sure their needs are met. 


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